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So there’s this….

… which is pretty cool.

If you’re here because of the article, it’s very nice to see you.

There’s a gallery featuring the images from the article (and a few others) right here. If you’re interesting in fine art prints, head over here or just drop me a line. The same goes for if you have any questions about the photos, techniques, approach, or anything else even vaguely connected to photography.

20 Jun 2013


Rather like the front page. And taken in almost the same place.

1 Sep 2012

needs more blue

9 Aug 2012


6 Aug 2012


27 Jul 2012

Let me go on like I blister in the sun

21 Jun 2012


20 Jun 2012


13 Jun 2012

focus is overrated

12 Jun 2012

you’ve done too much, much too young

Young and tiny little primroses. Very tiny. They are alpine ones – hardly seems credible they could survive the cold winds and snow up on the mountain banks.

17 Jun 2011